The sub-page is dedicated to priority area 1. Assessment of welfare of broiler on farm.


The set of welfare indicators documents below identifies the legal requirements of the legislation and addresses their corresponding specific indicators for each requirement, classified as animal-based, resource-based and management-based indicators. The indicators have been retrieved from literature review and expert knowledge. Furthermore, the legal requirements without specific corresponding indicators have been identified. The indicators and methods of assessment were evaluated according to their validity, feasibility, and reliability in order to deliver useful information for official controls. The possible gaps of knowledge and ‘open norms ‘ were identified and discussed.

The Factsheet 'How to assess gas concentrations in broiler farms?' is also available in FrenchSpanish, Italian, and in German

Experimental studies

The experiment aimed to know the impact of enrichments with two different stocking densities for fast growing broiler chickens reared indoor by using Animal Based Indicators and, Resource Based Indicators. A scientific paper was published based on this experimental study: Mocz et al. 2022. Positive Effects of Elevated Platforms and Straw Bales on the Welfare of Fast-Growing Broiler Chickens Reared at Two Different Stocking Densities